The Salt Mine

Today’s adventure is: “The Crazy Old Salt Mine”

When we started planning this trip we found that there were two main attractions around Krakow, Auschwitz and the Kopalnia Soli (salt mine).

Auschwitz was an experience not to be missed. The salt mine however – lets just say you should look at my pictures on Facebook and save yourself the $150 or so it took to get it all done.

The nice couple from London we met yesterday at Auschwitz had taken the mine tour previously and had some very useful tips on how to make the trip cheaper. They told us where to catch the city bus that would drop us off at the mine for about 80 cents each (most of the commercial tours cost about $30 for transportation). They also warned me that the price for the tour in english was about $40 each. That seemed a little steep but its a once in a lifetime trip so why not right?

Well let me tell you why not. The mine is an impressive 600 years old. But, aside from the crazy depth of the whole place, 135 meters(which is like 400,000 miles I think) and one AMAZING cathedral cut out of the salt, there really wasn’t much else there.

It was clear that they were trying to capitalize on tourism because it looked like one big animatronic ride at Disney World. Aside from the fact that you walk a total of 4km(again like 7 billion miles).

So in the end, I am happy we went to see it, I just wish it would have been a little easier on the wallet. Photos to come when we have a good enough connection. Pozegnanie!


Oh and one more thing, on the way home we stopped at The Rocking Horse in old town and straight STUFFED ourselves with traditional polish food….. GLORIOUS!!

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